12 Surefire Ways To Make Yourself Miserable

We’ve come up with what we believe are the 12 most effective ways for women to make themselves miserable, so that
you can avoid them.

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From Zoe and Carey

Redesign your life with Zoe and Carey – what part of your life needs a make-over?

Many of us will spend hours redesigning our homes or wardrobes or trying out a new look with each season. How many times have you changed your hairstyle and colour? A lot of us spend considerable time thinking about external things that we’d like to change, but how many of you think about redesigning the other areas of your life that just aren’t working for you?

Perhaps it’s relationships that aren’t quite flowing? Or maybe it’s feelings of low self esteem and anxiety, your self confidence or the way you talk to yourself – that could do with an overhaul? Maybe you feel ‘stuck’ in life or struggle with overeating or overspending. Or is it that you suffer with physical pain such as backache, where traditional ‘cures’ have not worked for you? Or perhaps simply you’d like to feel happier and have a better relationship with yourself?

We use various techniques; EFT therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, PSYCH-K and Matrix Re-imprinting, some might call this complementary therapy or alternative therapy however we see the combination of our techniques as tools that you can use to redesign or change what isn’t working for you. You might like to try Hypnotherapy for confidence, EFT for weight loss or perhaps you want to leave the re-designing and choice of tools up to us…

We work in a holistic manner, meaning that we take care to consider all aspects of your life so we can find the right place to start. All that has happened in the past has shaped who you are today so you can start redesigning your life from this point forward.

Get in contact now for a no-obligations chat to find out more about what we can do for you.

Zoe & Carey

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